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Our Beliefs

Knowledge & Growth


"To Help People KNOW Christ Personally and GROW in Their Faith."
We believe in God's unconditional love for all people (the Bible calls it "grace") and His unrelenting desire for us to know Him intimately. This relationship is available to everyone; we simply need to respond by asking Jesus to forgive us and by accepting Him as our Savior and Lord, the Leader and Director of our lives. No greater joy, meaning, or purpose exists than knowing Jesus Christ and becoming His followers.

Many Faces, One Faith

Who We Are

Pilgrim Church is comprised of people just like you - single, married, divorced,widowed, senior citizens, youth, children, traditional and blended families. We come from diverse ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds. Some of us were raised in church and can't recall a time when the church wasn't a vital part of our lives, while for others the whole church experience is new and somewhat unfamiliar. For still others, the church was once central, but they drifted away and only recently returned to their faith. Regardless of your history or background you are warmly welcomed in this place.

Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry & Evangelism


We believe the Bible teaches that God created us with five purposes in mind:  Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry & Evangelism.

The benefits of knowing your purpose:

  1. Knowing the purpose of your life will give your life focus.
  2. Knowing the purpose of your life will simplify your life.
  3. Knowing the purpose of your life will increase motivation in your life
  4. Knowing the purpose of your life will prepare you for eternity. 


Service Times
Our Sunday services are designed to meet the needs of our diverse and ever growing congregation. Whether traditional worship or a more contemporary atmosphere is your preferred way to fellowship, Pilgrim Church has the service to meet your lifestyle.

8:00 AMTraditional Worship Service
9:00 AMCoffee & Sweets
9:00 AMBible Study
10:00 AMContemporary Worship Service
10:00 AMSunday School
11:00 AMBible Study