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Hello, Neighbor . . . Hope Happens Here !

I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. (Psalm 121 – a song of Ascents NIV)

Michael Faber is a soft-spoken gentleman who pauses and smiles when asked to describe his wife Joyce. “She is just a very,
very solid girl who will do anything to help somebody else, and goes out of her way to help others,” says Mike. One day
Joyce’s cousin who played the organ at the church she attended introduced her to his friend Mike. They both had been married
and divorced. “We dated for several years because I just didn’t want to get married again right away.” The couple finally took
the plunge on May 4, 2003.

Joyce (Work) Faber was born in Acushnet, MA which lies along the Acushnet River, and whose name (derived from the
Wampanoag or Algonquian word Cushnea) translates to “peaceful resting place near the water.” She has a very interesting
work history in a variety of different environments. Joyce initially began working part-time on an assembly line for a local
company while still in high school. After graduating from New Bedford High, she continued working there before deciding to
return to school and start a new career. “I decided to go to Massachusetts School of Barbering in Boston. After I completed
school, I had my own shop for several years,” explains Joyce. But, new adventures called and she enrolled in a special school,
becoming certified as a corrections officer. She was employed at Bridgewater State Hospital for the criminally insane for the
next fifteen years, before retiring from the position in 2004. “I worked the graveyard shifts. We were responsible for room
searches, shakedowns, breaking up fights, making sure the patients took their medications, and many other duties. You just
never knew what the night would bring.”

North Dartmouth, MA was home to Mike and his three brothers. Mike was a young child when his parents divorced, and his
father assumed all the responsibilities of caring for and raising his sons. They faithfully attended St. George’s Catholic Church
where he was an altar boy. He admits that for a few years he “drifted away” from the church. Mike went to work with his father at
his plate glass and aluminum business after graduating from Dartmouth High School. He cut glass, installed shower doors, mirrors, anything that had to do with glass/aluminum until his father retired and moved to Florida. “I then went to work with Glaser
Glass Co., and stayed with them for twenty-three years, until hiring on with Pilkington North America and transporting wind-
shield and glass products throughout Massachusetts. I retired again in 2004,” says Mike. The Fabers moved to Deep Creek in
July 2004 because Joyce says she just couldn’t take the cold weather anymore. She had a relative in Port Charlotte, who had
suggested they investigate the area. Mike laughs, flashes one of his great smiles, and says, “Joyce cracked the whip, and we
moved to Florida!”

Mike’s two daughters and their families are a very important part of Mike and Joyce’s life. Shelley Ann and her husband Jeff
live in New Bedford; Shannon Lee and husband Chris live in North Dartmouth with their three children – Ryan who is
eighteen, fifteen-year-old Ashley, and thirteen-year-old Kyle. They are always in close contact and visit as often as possible.
Due to Mike’s recent health issues, they haven’t been able to visit as often this past year. “I am blessed,” says Joyce. “We
have Michael’s two daughters and their families. We try to go up north to visit them every year, and they occasionally get to
come down to Florida.”

Joyce began attending Pilgrim church by herself. She brought some of her neighbors with her, and finally was able to get
Mike to accompany her. The Fabers attend our traditional first service. “I loved Pilgrim Church from day one,” says Joyce.
Her dark eyes sparkle, and her voice radiates deep sincere emotion. “The people are so wonderful, and I love Pastor
Matthew.” She has attended some Bible study groups, and would like to become more involved, but continues to do
something she truly feels compelled to do and is still working several hours a week for Alternative Home Health as a Certified Home Health Aide, traveling to homes and assisting patients. Mike currently volunteers on Wednesday nights, helping
with transporting people coming for our dinners and group meetings.

“Joyce twisted my arm and told me I had to go to Pilgrim Church with her because everybody was so nice. Pastor Matthew
was probably the main reason I came back,” says Mike.

Mike used to be an avid golfer, loves traveling and any type of sports, but severe back problems have put a limit on his
activities. Joyce enjoys going out for a seafood dinner or attending a good movie and used to do a lot of horseback riding
when they had horses. They spend more time at home now and dote on Sophie their cat who they say thinks she’s special.

We all want to express our thanks to Joyce and Mike for being part of our Pilgrim family. We hope you will join us for a
Pilgrim meal, or come to one of our many groups or Bible study meetings. Come and visit with Mike and Joyce. Invite a
neighbor and their children to attend one of our Sunday services. Experience a time of sharing, and make some new friends.

The Pilgrim Pest


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