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Moderator's Comments

It might seem by now that your Moderator has a one track mind talking about volunteerism and stewardship the last two months.

He does.

Pilgrim is a complex faith based business!  We do not sell a product.  The latest style of anything has no meaning for us.  We depend on your commitment to your faith and your God to keep going.  Stewardship and volunteerism are just two of the ways that you can make your commitment to God and that Faith.  Your Progression of Faith will determine to what extent you support your God and his work.

Pilgrim would hope that you would not only support the Church and its missions through your financial giving but also give of your time and talent.

Remember it is your church, but it is God’s work that we do!


Remember that when it is time to pledge for next year.


Don Anderson, Moderator



Service Times
Our Sunday services are designed to meet the needs of our diverse and ever growing congregation. Whether traditional worship or a more contemporary atmosphere, Pilgrim Church has the service to meet your lifestyle.

8:00 AMTraditional Worship Service
9:00 AMCoffee & Sweets
9:00 AMBible Study
10:00 AMContemporary Worship Service
10:00 AMChildren's Sunday School